Tutor Resume

A tutor helps the student to improvise themselves in the subject. This Tutor resume helps you to draft a unique resume that will help you to fetch a job interview. This sample resume for tutor provides you with an idea about the content to be included such as skills, objective, educational qualifications, and previous job responsibilities undertaken.

Sample Tutor Resume


James Sam
Cantal, Lafayette
Los Angeles
Cell: 733-698-8503
Email: [email protected]


Career Objective : Seeking the position of a tutor in your school which would help me to utilize my teaching capabilities for development and progress of the students


  • Ability to teach the students and develop their reading and writing skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage the students and maintain discipline in the class
  • Ability to effectively communicate the academic progress of the students with their parents
  • Ability to identify the problems of the students and guide them to overcome it
  • Ability to deal with children of different cultural backgrounds and age groups
  • Ability to prepare lesson plans and study material for the students

Technical skills:

  • Good knowledge of computers and ability to use it for maintaining the academic records of the students

Educational qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in History from ABC University, in the year 19XX

Certificate course in Teacher Education Program from ABC University, in 20XX

Professional Experience :

ABC School, Los Angeles
March 20XX-present

  • Preparing lesson plans for the students and developing various innovative educational programs for the students
  • Motivating the students to discuss their problems and resolving their problems
  • Adopting teaching styles that would help the students to understand the subject easily
  • Preparing test papers , assignments for the students, and maintaining records
  • Providing them career counseling
  • Organizing parent’s meetings and discussing various issues related to the education of the students

XYZ School, Los Angeles
April 19XX- 20XX

  • Preparing lesson plans and study material for the students
  • Evaluating the test papers and discussing the academic progress of the students with their parents
  • Teaching and training the students of grade first to grade fifth
  • Formulating different teaching methodology for the students, to foster the learning process
  • Arranging weekly meetings for the parents and discussing the academic progress of the students
  • Preparing reports of the students and maintaining its records

Areas of interest:

  • Teaching the students and interacting with them
  • Formulating new teaching methods for the students and providing them career counseling
  • Preparing study material for the students and informing the latest developments on various topics related to the subject

Trekking and travelling

Preferred Place of Work:
Los Angeles

Personal Details:

  • Name: James Sam
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment status: Full Time
  • Relationship status: Married


  • Mr. Grayling James
  • Principal
  • XYZ School
  • Los Angeles
  • 60507-3506
  • Cell: 733-405-1475
  • Email: [email protected]
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