Sewing Teacher Resume

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Sample Sewing Teacher Resume


Carl T Samuel
San Jose
Cell: 733-345-38976
Email: [email protected]


Career Objective: Seeking the position of a sewing teacher to utilize my teaching capabilities for the overall development of the students of the school


  • Good knowledge of designing costumes, stitching them, and teaching it to the students
  • Ability to prepare lesson plans for the students and ability to train students of different age groups
  • Ability to formulate lesson plans and curriculum based on the modern educational trends
  • Ability to supervise and train the students and excellent communication skills
  • Ability to develop new teaching methodology and providing career counseling for the students
  • Ability to organize shows for the students to exhibit their talents and practice it

Technical skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of computers and ability to use machines for cutting and stitching clothes

Educational qualifications and license:

  • Master of Arts in Education from ABC University, in the year 20XX
  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art Education from ABC University, in the year 19XX

Certificate course in Teacher Education Program from ABC University, in 20XX

Professional Experience:

ABC High School, Utah
March 20XX-present
Sewing Teacher
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Training the students in designing and stitching clothes
  • Preparing lesson plans and arranging all the required material for teaching the students
  • Developing curriculum for the students and organizing shows for them
  • Attending various teacher’s training programs and collecting information about the recent educational requirements
  • Demonstrating the procedures to be followed and training them to do it correctly
  • Organizing field visits for the students

XYZ High School, Utah
April 19XX- 20XX
Sewing Teacher
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Teaching and training the students in designing, sewing clothes of different patterns and designs
  • Organizing exhibitions and shows for the students and providing them the necessary guidance
  • Preparing the daily schedule for the students and completing the course within the time period
  • Organizing field visits for the students and demonstrating sewing lessons for the students
  • Arranging the required material and training the students to properly utilize the sewing machines
  • Provide them guidance and instructions to develop their own patterns and designs

Areas of interest:

  • Training students and interacting with them
  • Formulating lesson plans and curriculum for the students
  • Organizing shows and programs for the students

Traveling and reading fiction

Preferred Place of Work:

Personal Details:

  • Name: Carl T Samuel
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment status: Full Time
  • Relationship status: Married


  • Mr. Chris Sam
  • Principal
  • XYZ School
  • Utah
  • 93845-1567
  • Cell: 876-834-5457
  • Email: [email protected]
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