Middle School Teacher Resume

This Middle school teacher resume is a very helpful resource which informs you the action, words, and descriptions that are to be included. It also provides you with an illustration in the form of sample resume for middle school teacher.

Sample Middle School Teacher Resume


Anita Justin
Cell: 612-592-7221
Email: [email protected]


Career Profile:Seeking the position of a middle school teacher in your reputed school that would enable me to use my skills and professional experience for the benefit of the students

Summary of skills:

  • Ability to plan and implement innovative teaching methods for students
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to maintain accurate records of the students and organize various competitions for the students
  • Ability to prepare lesson plans, correct home works, and assignments
  • Ability to provide counseling for students, guiding them in their problematic areas, and working towards their development
  • Ability to effectively communicate the academic progress of the students and discuss about further improvements

Technical skills:

  • Ability to utilize computers and other audio visual equipments for teaching students

Educational summary and license:

  • Master’s Degree in Education from ABC university, in the year 20XX
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education from ABC University, in the year 19XX
  • Teaching license in Minnesota, License no.134526, valid till June 20XX

Certificate course in Teacher Education Program from ABC University, in 20XX

Professional Experience:

ABC School, Minnesota
March 20XX-present
Middle School Teacher
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Organizing guest lectures and planning trips for the students
  • Preparing lesson plans, assignments, and their evaluation
  • Maintaining records and discussing various topics in the class
  • Motivating the students to participate in extra curricular activities
  • Discussing the academic progress of the students with their parents
  • Collaborating with other staff members, the Principal, and non teaching staff of the school

XYZ School, Minnesota
April 19XX- 20XX
Middle School Teacher
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Performing administrative functions like supervising the students in the library and cafeteria
  • Preparing assignments, study material, and visual aids for students
  • Motivating the students to participate in extra curricular activities and assisting them in it
  • Organizing competitions and seminars for the students
  • Attending the teacher’s training workshops and seminars as well as improvising the teaching methodologies
  • Preparing reports of students and discussing it with the parents

Areas of interest:

  • Planning and implementing innovative teaching methodologies
  • Interacting and providing career counseling to the students
  • Preparing visual aids and other related material for the effective learning of the students

Playing chess and computer games

Preferred Place of Work:

Personal Details:

  • Name: Anita Justin
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment status: Full Time
  • Relationship status: Married


  • Mr. Thames Henry
  • Principal
  • XYZ School
  • Minnesota
  • 74208-4020
  • Cell: 330-557-1089
  • Email: [email protected]
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