Foreign Language Teacher Resume

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Sample Foreign Language Teacher Resume


Tom Alfred
Cell: 459-724-9078
Email: [email protected]


Career Objective: Seeking the position of a foreign language teacher to use my teaching capabilities for developing the language skills and its proper acquisition


  • Excellent communication skills and ability to prepare study material as per the prescribed syllabus
  • Ability to evaluate the exam papers, assignments of the students, and maintain records
  • Ability to teach and train students with different cultural backgrounds
  • Fluency in two languages e.g. Spanish and English, and ability to train the students in these two languages
  • Ability to develop unique teaching methods that would assist the students to develop their language skills
  • Ability to teach Spanish to the students of grade fifth to grade ninth
  • Ability to inform the students about the Spanish speaking countries and Spanish language
  • Ability to develop assignments and test papers that would foster the language learning process

Technical skills:

  • Good knowledge of computers

Educational qualifications and license:

  • Master of Arts in Spanish Education from ABC University, in the year 20XX
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Education from ABC University, in the year 19XX
  • Teaching license in Florida, License no. 654543, valid till June 20XX

Certificate course in Teacher Education Program from ABC University, in 20XX

Professional Experience:

ABC School, Florida
March 20XX-present
Foreign Language Teacher

  • Preparing lesson plans and study material for the students in Spanish language
  • Formulating specialized assignments for the faster learning of the students
  • Updating and collecting the recent developments in the field of Spanish education and language and discussing it with the students
  • Preparing audio-visual aids and collaborating well with the other staff members
  • Maintaining records of the students and organizing various activities for the students
  • Attending teacher’s training workshops and discussing various issues related to education with the other teachers

XYZ School, Florida
April 19XX- 20XX
Foreign Language Teacher

  • Planning and preparing lesson plans and curriculum according to the recent educational trends for the students
  • Providing special attention and guidance for the weaker students to acquire proficiency to use Spanish language
  • Managing the classroom and accessing the progress of the students
  • Teaching and training the students for gaining proficiency in Spanish language
  • Organizing parent’s meetings and discussing the academic progress of the students
  • Organizing group discussions and preparing specialized assignments for the students easily gain fluency in Spanish language

Areas of interest:

  • Updating information about Spanish literature and informing it to the students
  • Writing and publishing articles in various magazines
  • Providing career counseling for the students

Writing short stories and reading books

Preferred Place of Work:

Personal Details:

  • Name: Tom Alfred
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment status: Full Time
  • Relationship status: Married


  • Mr. Benjamin Peterson
  • Principal
  • XYZ School
  • Florida
  • 37033-2052
  • Cell: 459-724-0975
  • Email: [email protected]
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