Computer Teacher Resume

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Sample Computer Teacher Resume

Sample Computer Teacher Resume


Barbara C Michael
4727 Michael Rd, Eau Claire
Cell: 793-733-1034
Email: [email protected]


Career Profile : Seeking the position of a computer teacher at your school to utilize my skills and talents for the student’s all- round development and achievement of excellent results

Summary of skills:

  • Excellent writing and communicating skills
  • Ability to teach and train students to use computers and modern technologies
  • Good knowledge of the various components of computer and different software
  • Good knowledge of Information technology, communication, and recent developments in these fields
  • Decision making ability to adopt the best technology based learning materials, their implementation, and evaluations
  • Motivating classroom discussions and explaining to the students, the recent developments in the field of Information Technology and its merits

Technical skills:

  • Proficiency to use computers and understanding the use of computers for teaching and learning
  • Good knowledge of operating systems, Graphic tools, HTML, C++, Oracle, and ability to convey it to students

Educational summary and license:

  • Successfully completed Master’s degree in Computer Science, from ABC University in the year 20XX
  • Successfully completed Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, from ABC University in the year 19XX
  • Teaching License in Ohio, License no.109893, valid till June 20XX


  • Certificate course in Instructional Technology Teaching Certificate, from ABC University in 20XX

Professional Experience:

ABC School, Ohio
March 20XX-present
Computer teacher
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Formulating lesson plans that would inform the students about using computers
  • Evaluating student learning from computer based activities
  • Planning and organizing various training workshops for students
  • Preparing a list of useful books and informing them for reference
  • Preparing new teaching techniques to improve the competency level of students while using computers

XYZ School, Ohio
April 19XX- 20XX
Assistant Computer teacher
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Preparing lesson plans and teaching the students about using computers and proper handling of its devices
  • Selecting the best software programs for teaching students
  • Managing the resources of school and also adopting new techniques of teaching students
  • Purchasing the items, software, and devices for the school computer lab and also undertaking its regular maintenance
  • Teaching students about maintenance and repairing of computer hardware viz; printer

Areas of interest:

  • Reading and collecting information about the recent developments in the field of information technology and communication
  • Loving to interact with students, informing them, and guiding them for the future education and career prospects in the field of Computer Science

Hobbies: Playing chess and computer games

Preferred Place of Work: Ohio

Personal Details:

  • Name: Barbara C Michael
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment status: Full Time
  • Relationship status: Married


  • Mr. David Philips
  • Principal
  • XYZ School
  • Ohio
  • 80754-3301
  • Cell: 407-977-1346
  • Email: [email protected]
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