Autism Teacher Resume

Autism teacher resume provides you guidelines that can be used to draft an autism teacher resume. Autism teacher requires basic skills such as good communication skills and ability to manage and handle students with learning disabilities.

Sample Autism Teacher Resume


Alvin J Michael
851, Armstrong Ave
New York
Cell: 204-544-8282
Email:[email protected]


Career Objective:Securing the post of an autism teacher that would help me to use my skills and knowledge for the progress of autistic children and developing new educational models for the benefit of autistic children


  • Special understanding of the requirements of the autistic children
  • Organizing, motivating, and being patient in dealing with such students
  • Ability to handle students with learning disabilities, especially autism
  • Ability to teach them life skills and basic communication
  • Ability to promote and implement new teaching techniques
  • Developing assignments and undertaking group activities
  • Ability to communicate with the child, its parents, and other members of the society
  • Computer literacy
  • Ability to use specialized softwares and audiotapes used to assist children with learning disability


  • Successfully completed Bachelor’s degree in Arts from ABC University, in the year 20XX
  • Successfully completed Teacher’s training program in special education, from ABC University, Westminster 20XX

Successfully completed a certificate course in special education and behavior analysis from ABC University, in 20XX

Work Experience:

Autism Teacher
ABS Special School, New York
March 20XX-present
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Grading student’s papers
  • Maintaining records
  • Assigning assignments to students according to their individual capabilities
  • Planning and implementing innovative programs for students that would aid their learning disability
  • Making lesson plans and organizing game plans that would help them to learn life skills
  • Ability to facilitate their overall development which includes both mental and physical

Autism Teacher
XYZ Special School, New York
April 19XX- 20XX
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Conducting classes and training students with autism
  • Implementing specialized therapies and innovating teaching techniques useful for autistic children
  • Adopting new teaching methods that motivated and encouraged the students with disabilities
  • Coordinating with the staff members of the school in the overall activities for its development and progress
  • Organizing various group activities and games
  • Implementing autistic awareness program for the common people

Areas of interest:

  • Developing and adopting new educational models and techniques for children with disabilities like autism
  • Love handling and dealing with children
  • Creating awareness about such disabilities in the society

Hobbies: Singing songs and traveling

Preferred Place of Work: New York

Personal Details:

  • Name: Alvin J Michael
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment status: Full Time Faculty
  • Relationship status: unmarried


  • Anthony Christen
  • Principal
  • ABS special school
  • New York
  • 26137-5661
  • Cell: 108-679-3040
  • Email:[email protected]
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