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Archaeology Teacher Resume

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Sample Archaeology Teacher Resume


Brooke Chavon
70613 Klopfenstein Rd Bowling Green
Cell: 914-673-2954
Email:[email protected]


Career Objective:Seeking the position of an archaeology teacher in your school where my teaching abilities and work experience would be utilized for the benefit of the students.


  • Excellent knowledge of the field of archaeology and ability to convey it to students
  • Good communication skills, organizational and managerial abilities
  • Excellent observation skills and writing skills
  • Ability to develop courses for students and also prepare handouts and other written material required for teaching
  • Ability to formulate and use different effective teaching methods and knowledge of computers
  • Ability to prepare and utilize different methods of visual aids for effective learning and understanding of archaeological facts
  • Ability to organize various field visits for students and explain them about the artifacts and clear any queries related to them
  • Ability to explain students the facts and concepts related to archaeology in a simple language


  • Successfully completed PhD in Archaeology, from ABC University, in the year 20XX
  • Successfully completed Master’s degree in Archaeology, from ABC University, in the year 20XX
  • Successfully completed Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology from ABC University, in the year 19XX


  • Successfully completed the Teachers Training Program from ABC University, in the year 20XX
  • Got a Teaching license in Ohio, License no.567389 valid till June 20XX

Work Experience:

Archaeology teacher
ABC School, Ohio
March 20XX-present
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Formulated lesson plans to arouse interest in history and different cultures
  • Guiding students to undertake projects and assisting them to complete it
  • Adopting innovative teaching methods to supplement the learning of the students
  • Teaching archaeological facts and also informing the students about the recent findings and developments in the field of archeology
  • Preparing and utilizing different visual aids or computer programs for teaching students
  • Compiling the extra reference material and preparing handouts for students

Archaeology teacher
XYZ School, Ohio
April 19XX- 20XX
Key responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Organizing museum visits for students and explaining them about the artifacts
  • Doing research work
  • Undertaking various administrative works in the absence of some staff members in the school
  • Organizing meetings and coordinating the events with the other staff members
  • Preparing academic reports, evaluating student’s academic progress, and communicating it to the parents and the Principal
  • Informing the students about additional reference materials that are available

Areas of interest:

  • Interacting and dealing with students
  • Love for acquiring more knowledge about artifacts and sculptures of ancient period
  • Organizing and explaining about the ancient artifacts and sculptures to students

Hobbies: Horse riding and trekking

Preferred Place of Work: Ohio

Personal Details:

  • Name: Brooke Chavon
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment status: Full Time
  • Relationship status: Married


  • Mr. Charles B Peter
  • Principal
  • ABC School
  • Ohio
  • 13344-7644
  • Cell: 805-683-7221
  • Email:[email protected]
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